An Introduction to College Counseling at GCS


6pm Meet and Greet with GCS College Counselors
7pm Workshop “Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College” by The College Funding Coach


Applying to college is a crucial part of every child’s educational journey, and one of the biggest benefits of the GCS experience is the support we provide our students and their families throughout their college search.


Join GCS college counselors Damian Garcia and Michael Trask for an informative evening designed to acquaint you with today’s college application process and how GCS will help you and your student navigate it.


Following a meet-and-greet opportunity with Mr. Garcia and Mr. Trask, families can participate in a workshop offered by The College Funding Coach, focusing on “Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College.” GCS is partnering with The College Funding Coach to offer this value-added experience for our families, designed to teach parents the rules of the game when it comes to paying for their child’s education. 


This event is open to families from all divisions, but we encourage you to learn more and register here.  

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