From the Head of School

Unlike Any Other Private School in Howard County.


Hello, everyone!


We are excited to welcome you to the Glenelg Country School website, and we hope that this electronic perusal is just the beginning of your journey with us. While nothing can substitute for an in-person visit, we hope that our site conveys our program’s rich depth and breadth, the warmth and inclusiveness of this special community, and the inspirational beauty of our unique natural setting.


GCS’s program has always been characterized by a broad range of academic, athletic, and artistic offerings that allow all children to find their place and passions. Committed to building lasting, trusting relationships with our students and their families, we meet individuals where they are and guide them to develop their natural interests and strengths while encouraging them to explore new paths and challenges.


Since our inception in 1954, we have always encouraged our students to accumulate knowledge and genuinely understand more profound concepts, and seek connections across multiple subject areas and domains of endeavor. This tradition of an integrated approach to education is more relevant now than ever in an age where the ability to interpret, synthesize, and creatively apply the troves of information and data at our fingertips is vitally important.


“Independent thought, shared purpose” is a phrase that captures the essence of the GCS experience. While individuals are encouraged to find their path, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion binds us together as we cherish and respect every member of our school community’s unique backgrounds, talents, and perspectives.


This ethos is preserved and strengthened every day by a fantastic group of talented faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators who put students and families first as they seek to know and to understand them for the unique individuals that they are. While they are experts in their fields, we like to say that our GCS team teaches “people,” not just “subjects.”


Our philosophy of integration and our commitment to relationships is ineffably reinforced by a country setting that invites inquiry, exploration, and engagement with our beautiful natural surroundings while inspiring calm, thoughtful reflection in ways that words simply cannot capture. That’s why you just have to visit us, and we hope that you soon will! We can’t wait to get to know you.


See you soon,

Matt Walsh

Head of School