Show your Dragon pride.


Just like our mighty mascot, Glenelg Country School student-athletes are brave on and off the field. They routinely put the good of the team above individual pride and are valued for both their heart and skill. With 43 teams in 14 sports (17 of which are in the Middle School), athletes can take up a new sport, improve skills in one they love, and help bring home a championship banner. Whatever a player’s starting point, coaches help identify personal goals (including good sportsmanship and teamwork) and support each athlete’s efforts to achieve them.


With a range of sports to choose from, athletes are encouraged to find what fits their unique skill sets, and each sport offers an opportunity to belong to a dynamic community of team players. Train in a state-of-the-art Athletic Center equipped with a fitness facility, athletic conditioning room, wrestling room, locker rooms, and two basketball courts.

Our experienced coaches work with every athlete to promote goal setting, sportsmanship, and academic achievement.

Meet the Athletics Team

Carlos Negron III

Head Athletic Trainer

Joseph Sierzega

Co-Athletic Director

Jessica Dolan

Co-Athletic Director

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