Why GCS?

Once A Dragon, Always a Dragon.


Glenelg Country School’s founders thought about schools a little differently than most of the conforming educators around them. Inspired by the Country Day movement, this small group of intrepid visionaries set out to create an independent day school with the high academic standards and quality of life typically found only in boarding schools. The same entrepreneurial spirit that launched an ambitious yet balanced educational experience in the early 1950s, continues to guide the entire GCS learning community today.


Independent thought at GCS applies to the School itself and how it enlivens a thoughtful, well-rounded curriculum. It also applies to the teachers, who are empowered to recognize the unique needs of each student and differentiate instruction to support individual growth. And it applies to the students, who are learning to make their own way in a complex world.


Independent thought applies to you too—when imagining an ideal school experience. As an independent school, Glenelg Country School makes some assumptions about how to deliver a Pre-K through Grade 12 education. But the School’s intentionally designed program and learning environment use those assumptions as just a place to start. In this way, students discover, contribute, thrive, and excel in unimagined and profound ways.