Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program emphasizes the fundamental elements of art history, criticism, aesthetics, and skill application. As skills and interests grow, students continue their studies with traditional and advanced studio art classes.


Our arts program includes drawing, painting, sculpture, digital and film photography, graphic design, and filmmaking.



Little Dragons (Ages 2 and 3)

As part of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, visual documentation is central to showing appreciation for the learning process. Student work fills the walls of our hallways. This reflects our respect for how they apply higher learning to solve problems, create theories, and express emotion.




Pre-Kindergarten–Grade 5

Throughout the Lower School, students explore diverse mediums such as tempera, pencils, conte crayons, charcoal, clay, monotype printmaking, and a variety of other 3-D art forms. These methods are integrated into the arts curriculum allowing students to explore French Impressionism, Post Impressionism, and the Italian Renaissance periods of art.




Middle School

Each grade offers a unique curriculum that focuses on key elements of art history and specific cultural movements. Through consistent interaction with works of art, nature, and objects in the environment, students can learn to analyze, compare, and search for relationships. Students then develop the necessary skills to make more informed judgments and talk about works of art in expressive ways.




Upper School

Upper School students refine their abilities and master advanced techniques in drawing, painting, 3D design and more. At this stage, students are able to independently interpret peer and teacher assessments as well as probe techniques used by professional artists in their field of study.