Student Support


Glenelg Country School has a counselor present in each division ready to support students socially, emotionally, and academically. Counselors offer a wide range of services from working with students individually or in small groups, lending crisis support, providing referrals to community resources, advocating for students, conducting classroom lessons, and working with faculty and administration on behalf of students.


Academic Support

We want students to discover, contribute, thrive, and excel during their time with us and beyond. We recognize that some students may require additional and intentional academic support to successfully proceed on their journey.  At Glenelg Country School, Learning Specialists work in each school building. The Learning Specialists work collaboratively with grade-level or subject-specific teachers to create a positive learning experience for every child. Learning Specialists may also work with students in the classroom, individually, or in a small group setting to teach specific skills.   


Students with diagnosed learning and attentional disabilities may submit documentation to support a formal accommodation plan through Student Support at each division (Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School).  Students with a formal accommodation plan may receive accommodations in the classroom and/or for testing. Some examples of accommodations provided for students with documented disabilities include: extended time, use of audio (immersive reader) for reading, use of a calculator and/or a formula sheet, formatting changes, scaffolded notes, copies of notes, preferential seating, use of a computer for longer written assignments, and organizational support/reminders. We welcome the opportunity to review documentation for a prospective student and provide feedback about our ability to meet the student’s needs should admission be offered.