College Counseling

What colleges and universities do Glenelg Country School graduates attend?


It’s one of the first questions parents ask us, no matter their child’s grade. First, many of our students earn acceptance into America’s “best” colleges and universities. More to the point, however: we guide students to find the colleges that are the best match for their individual talents, interest, and goals.


The College Counseling Office’s primary aim is to assist each student in conducting a thorough and successful college search. We believe in making the process a “team effort”—involving parents, teachers, advisors, coaches, and administrators—but encouraging each student to “own” the experience.


The College Counseling staff plays a variety of roles: educators who raise awareness of the array of college options, advisors who counsel students on the appropriateness of their prospective college lists, advocates who promote students’ strengths and qualifications to each college and university. Our program includes large group meetings, individual conferences, small group classes, guest speakers and college visitations, among other initiatives. Our staff is active in admission organizations—on the local, regional, and national levels—so we gain ongoing professional development experience as well as make valuable contacts with college and university personnel.


We look forward to working with you. If you have questions regarding the college counseling process, please feel free to contact us.

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  • GCS prepared me for a rigorous curriculum in college and medical school as well as a demanding yet fulfilling career as a physician. —Matthew Woodford '00

Meet the College Counseling Team

Damian Garcia

Co-Director of College Counseling

Michael Trask

Co-Director of College Counseling

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