Strategic Plan


This plan, launched in 2023, is a culmination of work by the Board of Trustees, in collaboration with an outside consulting firm. In developing the strategic plan, the school community, including parents, students, alumni, faculty, and staff, was surveyed on the state of the school and its future. Our strategic plan identifies how the school will allocate resources to achieve a healthy and bright future while continuing to position Glenelg Country School as a leader within the independent school community.

Technology and Facilities

Academic Technology

To ensure that students and faculty have the classroom resources necessary to execute the school’s mission, divisional, and departmental pedagogy effectively.


To enhance and sustain GCS’s natural and physical assets to ensure they serve the evolving needs of a thriving community and align with the mission and the traditions of the school.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Develop internal systems that allow for data-driven decisions without the need for redundant department meetings or informal sharing.

Information Security

Continue to enhance the information security practices and processes of the school to ensure the protection of personal and sensitive information.

Finance and Development

Fiscal Health

Ensure the fiscal health of the school in accordance with the overall GCS strategic plan.


Continue to increase the endowment fund over the next five years.

Additional Funding

Increase non-endowment funds brought in through the Development office to exceed each preceding year.


Curricula and Programs

Academic Programming

Strengthen our current academic program to serve students seamlessly through all divisions, clarifying measures of success.

Faculty Development

Recruit and retain high quality faculty to ensure academic rigor and college competitiveness.


Continue to develop a school wide approach for curriculum development, assessment, and implementation.

Extra-Curricular Programming

Ensure program offerings complement curricular philosophy and meet the needs of students. Program offerings include, but not limited to, electives, clubs, sports, STEAM, and visual and performing arts.


Culture and Community


Strengthen institutional communication—both internally and externally—to create a more cohesive and transparent experience.


Continue to cultivate a sense of belonging, inclusion, and unity within the GCS community.


Foster our culture of pride and excellence through experience and opportunity.

The strategic plan will remain a living document that will shape our institutional direction each year while being continually reviewed and updated as time goes on and circumstances evolve.