The Manor House

Our connection to pre-revolution history.


Glenelg Country School’s historic Manor House dates back to 1740. However, the building you see today has little resemblance to the original structure. It’s an addition that was constructed in 1854, pre-civil war, to resemble a Scottish Castle.

The land where the home resides was originally part of a much larger, 1,030-acre parcel belonging to the Dorsey family. In 1735, the land was divided into 600-acre portions, with one portion going to daughter Sarah Dorsey. She married Henry Howard, bringing the land into the Howard family. It is believed that the original house was erected by Ephraim Howard, the son of Sarah and Henry.


The Manor House also hosts many school and student events. Tours are given during Discovery Days, and it is also available for private event rentals.


In 1848, the estate was purchased by General Joseph Tyson, Assistant Postmaster General under President Tyler. It was he and his wife, upon returning from a trip to Glenelg, Scotland, they constructed the Manor House and christened it Glenelg Manor.

The Manor House acts as our anchor, still serving as a classroom today. With its large, open rooms and ornate molding, we get echoes of the past as we educate the minds of the future.