The Observatory

Bringing our students closer to the cosmos.


Glenelg Country School’s observatory houses a research-grade EDF Refractor Telescope, generously donated to the school in honor of our founders. Thanks to this gift, our students have the unique opportunity to explore the wonders of our universe, opening up more doors into the fields of science and mathematics.


During the day, students get to observe the sun, viewing sunspots and flares. In the evening, students spend time viewing Saturn and its moons, the Orion Nebula, the stars in Pleiades, and whatever other part of the cosmos we set our sights on.


As early as pre-Kindergarten, students can observe the sun, determining that it is in fact a round object and doesn’t have stripes radiating out from it. Fifth graders look at the Andromeda Galaxy and its companion M32 in preparation for studying galaxies in their science classes. Middle School Latin classes gaze at the astronomical targets that bear Latin names, and Upper School students explore our solar system and galaxy in great detail, as part of their astronomy courses.