Emerging Curriculum


Using children’s own thoughts, environment, experiences, and interests, our teachers guide students to construct their own knowledge. Employing an emerging curriculum, we focus on the process of learning. The learning experiences can be based on many things–developmental tasks, things within the environment, values of the community, or even unexpected events! Through trusting relationships, discovery, and investigation, children learn how to collaborate while honoring the diversity of the community of learners.


The Reggio Emilia Approach

The Image of the Child

We recognize and honor every child’s extraordinary potential, capabilities, and ideas. Children naturally have high levels of creativity and we give them the resources and environment to contribute to their learning process.


Belonging to a Community

Collaborating as a community of learners encourages Little Dragons to work together and share inspiration, creating a welcoming experiencec. Experts are invited to work on special projects and students take field trips to connect with people and places beyond the classroom.


The Role of the Environment, Teacher, and Parent

Each of our learning spaces is equipped with a teacher specializing in an area of expertise to support the homeroom teachers and students. Children have access to a Tinker Lab (a maker space for young children) to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) concepts, the Remida for an assortment of recycled materials to spark creativity, an Art Studio with high quality art materials, a Library to build their love of reading, stimulating outdoor areas, and more.

Through observation and documentation, teachers find areas of student interest and guide the curriculum. The goal is to “make learning visible.” Documentation of the learning process gives parents a window into their child’s world and showcases their child’s work. Digital communication allows for a constant connection.