Community Focused

Taking care of each other.


At Glenelg Country School, community is about more than making great friends. We do make great friends here, and the value of those bonds is immeasurable. But community is also a culture that makes all of us partners in learning and in service. Parents, teachers, and students journey together—a diverse group of individuals on common ground. Like a large family, we all share the responsibility for making the family thrive and we always have each other’s back.


Our commitment to the welfare of others extends beyond our campus and is a school-wide priority. Community Service is not simply a requirement; it is a growth mindset leading to social awareness and responsibility. Whether a relationship with a public school that increases opportunities for all students; an environment initiative that supports our sustainability goals; or a project in Thailand that helps us see ourselves as part of an interconnected world—it is by using our knowledge to affect positive change that we find meaning.