An Independent Choice

Imagining an ideal school experience.


As an independent school, Glenelg Country School makes some assumptions about how to deliver an education for children age 2 through Grade 12. But our intentionally designed program and learning environment use those assumptions as a place to start. In this way, students thrive in unimagined and profound ways.


  • Small classes
    6:1 student: teacher ratio


  • Important relationships with teachers
    Teachers not only know their students well; they are role models, advisors, coaches, and friends.


  • A tight-knit supportive community
    A community united in its commitment to acting with respect and compassion elevates every voice.


  • Differentiated classroom instruction
    Teachers understand their students well and plan instruction based on different learning styles so each student can find success.


  • A range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities
    Always something new to explore and a new way to learn more about yourself.


  • Academic challenge
    Rising to your own next level every day.


  • Social and emotional learning
    Knowledge only has power if you have the social and emotional capacity to navigate new situations, and the strength to use it well.


  • Safety
    Providing an environment where the entire community feels safe and secure is a top priority.


  • Open space campus
    90 acres of beautiful and secure resources right outside the door.


  • Shared values and educational philosophy
    An unwavering focus on academic, social, and emotional growth—individually and together.