Reunion Volunteer Form

Much of the success of a good class reunion lies in the hands of dedicated reunion volunteers, as they have the best insight into the kind of celebration that will best resonate with their classmates. Whether personally inviting friends and classmates, assisting with event planning, or assisting with marketing, reunion volunteers genuinely make the difference between a good and excellent reunion celebration.


To make this day even more meaningful for your class, we seek volunteers willing to help generate excitement leading up to reunion weekend. Reunion volunteers will have the opportunity to:


  • Reach out to classmates to invite them back to campus for the reunion.
  • Help plan the details for the reunion party and any other class-specific activities you would like to add to the weekend.
  • Help create items to personalize the reunion to your particular year, such as t-shirts, photo displays, centerpieces, etc.
  • Make a gift of any size and encourage your classmates to make their reunion gift.
  • Attend your class reunion and have a blast reconnecting.


During the months leading up to the Alumni Reunion, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following ways:




  • Email or call classmates: encourage classmates to return and give back in honor of their reunion (we’ll provide you with contact information for specific classmates, etc.)
  • Post on social media: promote your class party and other GCS events using ready-to-go posts or write your own.


Event Programming:


  • Collect GCS memorabilia for display at your reunion.
  • Create a slideshow or playlist to play during your reunion party.
  • Provide input in decisions on decor, and other celebration details.
  • Provide program suggestions that would draw your classmates.
  • Plan supplemental activities for your class throughout the weekend.



Reunion Volunteer Form

Are you interested in planning your reunion celebration? Simply fill in your information below and we will be in touch soon.