July 19, 2021

To the Class of 2028

Anne Wooleyhand


Unique! This word is defined as existing as the only one; having no like or equal; not typical; unusual. When said with no context, the word unique can be negative or positive. The Class of 2028 is unique! Let’s take a few moments to break the word unique down to show how it applies by adding some context to the statement.


Unselfish. I’ve witnessed you be kind, thoughtful, and unselfish. You support, help, and share with each other regularly. You are unique in that at your young age, you realize the importance of supporting each other with kindness and respect.


Noble. Collectively, you are honest, caring, supportive, confident, and kind. I am sorry you were unable to interact with your first grade buddies, as you would have been fantastic. You are unique in that you choose your attitude each day. You choose to be kind and do the noble thing.


Impressive. Your teachers tell me how amazing and impressive you are as a group. You work hard, collaborate well, and simply seem happy to be at school and learning. You are uniquely impressive, as you put work hard, and enjoy your time with your friends, teachers, and family.


Quietly Courageous. Coming back to school during a pandemic, entering a building lacking comfort and familiarity took great courage. You are unique in that even when things were a bit more challenging or even at times frustrating, you moved forward to make the best of all situations. 


Uplifting. Your attitude and actions not only uplifted your classmates. Your teachers often talked about how impressed they were with your ability to engage in discussions and activities. You are unique in your power to inspire and motivate those around you. You bring a pleasant and uplifting energy to your teachers.


Exceptional. At the end of every school year, your current  teachers meet with the teachers from the next grade. Each year, I heard that you are an exceptional class. You are smart, kind, respectful, fun, and a joy to teach. You are unique in that not everyone can be exceptional. You, the Class of 2028 are considered exceptional.


In closing, when we say the Class of 2028 is unique, please know that we will miss your positive spirit, kind and respectful manners, and your love of learning as you move to Middle School. Always remember to choose your words carefully, understanding that without context they have the power to hurt or uplift. I ask that you not take this uniqueness for granted. Continue to choose a good attitude, be there for people, make someone’s day each day, and most of all continue to play and enjoy what you are doing.


Good luck in sixth grade!

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