June 02, 2023

Egg-Sighting Lessons on Birds

Danielle Peterson

Students watch chicks in the Primary Building a few days after they hatched from their egg.


Lower School students in the Primary Building recently completed a study on the development of and what comes from an egg. As part of the lesson, students also learned about caterpillars, ladybugs, tadpoles, and birds. In science classes, students candled eggs and learned what happens inside them and how chicks develop. They watched chicks and turkey poults hatch and studied goose and emu eggs. Students even learned how reptiles, amphibians, and birds are different and compared and contrasted how eggs between bird species, including poults and chicks, develop differently. In the Tinker Lab, the discoveries continued as students learned how animals build to protect their eggs. Students learned how some birds dig to keep their eggs safe, while some build nests, and some hide them. Students then designed nests of their own. Students also planned and constructed playpens for the baby birds. In addition, this year’s Lunch with the Chicks auction winner enjoyed time with the baby chicks hatched on campus. After enjoying lunch, dessert, and painting with the chicks and turkeys, students received a painting by the chicks to take home. It was an excellent introduction to the circle of life in springtime. 


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