May 11, 2022

Field Trip Takes History on the Road

Danielle Peterson

Students learn about chart mapping on a boat.


Last week, Lower School students in the fourth grade visited the Sultana Education Center (SEF) in Chestertown, MD. The field trip served as a point of reference to previous lessons on early Maryland history and the Chesapeake Bay.


In 1997, educators built a replica of the 1768 schooner SULTANA to help students better understand the Chesapeake Bay. More than two decades later, SEF has grown to serve more than 14,000 students and teachers annually with certified programs in history and environmental science.


For the fourth grade’s field trip to SEF, students split into two groups, swapping activities halfway through. For one activity, students participated in a range of activities on the water. Fourth graders sailed on the SULTANA while enjoying an informational session explaining the ins and outs of the schooner. Students helped to hoist the schooner’s sail and catch fish. And, they also visited below deck for a complete experience at life onboard a vessel.


For the field trip’s second activity, students visited SEF’s educational building. Here, they learned more about fish found in the Chesapeake, interacted with live animals, and observed and asked questions about various artifacts found during the early Maryland times.


The field trip also allowed students to play colonial games in the park before heading back to campus.


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