April 16, 2024

A Bicycle Paradise Transforms Campus

Danielle Peterson

Students take a break from their bicycles during Wheely Day 2024 to draw with chalk.

Glenelg Country School’s campus recently transformed into a bicycle haven. Dragons, from age two to first grade, spent a day filled with epic bike, skate, and scooter adventures during the second annual Wheely Fun Day event. The campus buzzed excitedly as wheels hit the pavement, igniting laughter and spreading smiles far and wide. It was a joy to see young students—new, incoming, and current families—so enthusiastic and engaged in these activities.


From the moment festivities began, young adventurers embarked on a journey exploring every corner of the campus on their bicycles. Whether climbing aboard a tractor or experiencing the thrill of pushing sirens in police cars, there was no shortage of excitement. Each station offered new delights and created unforgettable memories for all in attendance.


But the thrill didn’t end there! Bubbles floated and popped at the bubble dance party, adding a layer of whimsy to the day. Meanwhile, brave students left their mark at the tattoo parlor, proudly sporting temporary ink designs.


Hearts and bellies alike filled with joy and delicious treats throughout the day. And the bicycles? They underwent a remarkable transformation, adorned with colorful decorations and creative flair by their young riders.


Everyone who joined in for this extraordinary day of fun and laughter enjoyed unforgettable adventures! And with more excitement promised on the horizon, anticipation builds for the next chapter of thrilling experiences at Glenelg Country School.


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