March 13, 2024

A Fashion Extravaganza

GCS Staff


Talented students in the Little Dragons three-year-olds program showcased their creativity and style last week in a unique tie-dye t-shirt fashion show. Each student has poured their heart and soul into crafting a tie-dye masterpiece.


Melissa Johnson’s students used a variety of rubber band patterns to select vibrant colors carefully. Every shirt tells a story of individuality and flair. As students took center stage, families were amazed by the emerging beautiful patterns. Each shirt was unique as the student who created them. From bold swirls to intricate designs, students genuinely outdid themselves. 


During tie-dying lessons, Sabahat Habib taught students the beauty of embracing imperfections, as no two creations will be identical. After students added colors, they threaded each tiny bead on the shirt. Through tie-dying and beading, students learn more than just fashion. They learn about culture, history, and the importance of creativity in everyday life.


In Tara Middlekamp’s class, students experimented with mixing colors and discovered the magic of creating vibrant new shades. They proudly admired their creation, taking in the unique designs brought to life. Students also showcased their fine motor skills by adding beads to their shirts while creating and recognizing patterns. To add a touch of individuality, each student also tie-dyed a pair of socks, transforming their outfits into true works of wearable art!


The fashion show culminated a creative lesson which included a field trip to Joann Fabrics earlier this year. As three-year-old students walked the runway, families were dazzled by the spectacular display of colors and creativity. A round of applause goes to the Little Dragons faculty for guiding students through this creative journey and helping them unleash their inner fashion designers.


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