February 06, 2024

The Fabric of Learning

Danielle Peterson

Two three-year-old girls hold fabric rolls inside of the Joann Fabrics during a recent field trip.


What happens when you combine curious minds, a rainbow of fabric, and creative expression? During a recent field trip to JoAnn Fabrics & Craft Store, Melissa Johnson’s three-year-old Little Dragons class found out! As part of a dynamic creative curriculum’s clothing unit, students dove into the vibrant world of textiles. With eager hands and bright eyes, they explored the rich spectrum of fabrics, discovering the beauty of patterns and the charm of textures.


Guided by Glenelg Country School’s dedicated teachers, each student became a junior fabric connoisseur, carefully handpicking materials for their personalized quilt projects. Their excitement was palpable as they crossed off each item on their shopping list, ensuring their creations shimmered with personality and flair.


But that’s not all! The adventure continued at a local department store, where our young learners uncovered the magic of how fabric is transformed into the clothing we wear every day.


A huge thank you to JoAnn Fabrics staff for nurturing our students’ artistic spirits and to the department store that allowed them a peek behind the fashion scene.


This trip was a patchwork of learning, fun, and imagination that will be stitched into our students’ memories for years to come!

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