September 29, 2022

Grade 5 Expedition Brings Out GCS Spirit

GCS Staff

Students during the Grade 5 expedition stand on a tree landing high above the ground.


The Grade 5 expedition is an annual tradition that helps Lower School students build character and camaraderie at the start of the school year. Fifth-grade students were incredibly excited for this year’s expedition to Terrapin Adventures, and the trip did not disappoint! The weather was perfect, and students were fully engaged and made impressive personal strides.

The morning started with an exciting activity that engaged students as they enjoyed the many challenges they were presented with and completed.

Students continued to challenge themselves by going on the zipline, ropes challenge with a bungee jump, and “The Big Swing.”

This year’s expedition helped these Lower School students push beyond their fears and limitations. They took significant steps—not only off a platform high above the ground, traversing on wires 20 feet high—but also stepping out of their comfort zones. They felt pride in their accomplishments and support for one another.

Fifth-grade teachers were impressed with and proud of how students encouraged one another, stepped in to help their classmates, pushed through their comfort zone, and demonstrated true GCS spirit.


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