September 19, 2022

Middle School Science Classes Explore Campus

GCS Staff

Middle School science class at the GCS pond.


Middle School science students in front of the Gould Observatory.The Middle School‘s eighth-grade students in Earth and Space Science classes explored the Glenelg Country School campus, learning about its environmental resources. “The goal is seeing connections between topics studied this year and the role of our campus,” says Jim Silvestri, middle school science teacher. During the exploration, students saw firsthand how the campus’ pond and stream link to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. They also traveled to the highest and lowest natural elevated locations on campus to compare other high and low points in Maryland and the United States. The science classes also visited the school’s weather stations and analyzed data between different areas on campus. The adventure ended at the Gould Observatory, allowing students to see how this tool aids in the field of astronomy.

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