Dragons Give Green 2023:

Dragons Choose…Again!

Make our wishlist come true…round 2!


Each year, Glens and Elgs compete in the annual tradition of the All-School Relay, and we all come together as Dragons to Give Green in support of our school. Last year, we offered you the opportunity to choose how you want to Give Green—and we are doing the same this year!


GCS faculty, administrators, staff, and students have again identified a variety of projects representing all divisions and areas of the school. These are all items and programs that can have a significant impact for our community; they have been identified as priorities for the school to fund in years to come as the school operating budget permits. Your support of these efforts today will allow them to happen NOW, or in the very immediate future. That is giving in action!


Check out the available projects below. Click the “Choose This Project” button for more information; you will be taken to a page with details about each project and how to make your gift. 


On Wednesday, May 24, follow our GCS Facebook feed for livestreaming of Field Day events and other surprises. And don’t miss the All-School Relay livestreamed at 2:45 p.m. on the GCS YouTube page.




Community Bulletin Board for the Upper School

A Community Bulletin Board will help build camaraderie and connection in the Upper School by providing a central location for announcements and information.

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Athletic Dragon Mascot

Everyone loves our cute and cuddly Dragon mascot, but he could use a friend who can cheer on our GCS athletes from the sidelines.

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Tricycles for the Primary Building

Our Little Dragons need some new wheels! Help purchase a set of 15 sturdy tricycles for our Primary Building students to enjoy.

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3D Printers for Manor House

Help our Lower School students continue their STEAM explorations with two new 3D printers in our Manor House technology space.

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Costume Storage for Performing Arts

Over the years, the GCS performing arts program has grown and acquired many costumes and items. A storage system with three-tier racks will ensure our Dragon performers can access this treasure trove for their characters!

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Grow Destination Imagination at GCS

In just its first year, our two Middle School Destination Imagination teams went all the way to Globals. Help us grow this unique program for our students.

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Paint Sprayer for Athletic Fields

A new LineLazer paint sprayer will help our dedicated Operations team member Oscar Valverde keep our beautiful athletic fields neatly lined and looking perfect for our Dragon athletes and their competitors.

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Recycling and Composting Program in Upper School

Help Upper School Community Service club members lay the groundwork for a new recycling and composting program for the division. New clearly labeled trash and recycling receptacles will be purchased throughout the Upper School Gould Building.

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Dome Motor Repair for Gould Observatory

Since reopening in 2021, the Gould Observatory has hosted classes, stargazing nights, and more! Help us replace the dome motor and make some other minor repairs so this incredible resource remains available to our students, teachers, and community.

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Send Students to AIMS Diversity Conferences

Help send our student leaders to area conferences focusing on DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging).

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Magnetic Bulletin Boards for the Manor House

New magnetic bulletin boards for our Manor House will make displaying student activities and work even more *attractive*!

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Audio System for Upper School Forum

A dedicated audio system of mounted speakers and soundboard in the Upper School’s Forum will ensure better experiences at the division’s weekly gatherings, and allow flexibility for future programs and events.

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Wireless Microphone System for Athletic Center

Our Athletic Center in the Upper School just received upgraded lighting, so our sound system can be improved as well, with wireless microphones and a new antenna.

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Workbenches and Tools for Middle School STEAM Program

Help our Middle School engineers and builders succeed by upgrading their classroom with new workbenches and power tools.

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Equipment for Upper School Digital Media Classes

The Upper School Digital Media program expanded to four courses this school year, and is poised to continue to grow. Microphones, studio lighting, green screens, sound absorption panels, and SD cards are essential items for our students.

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Portable Audio System for Campus Events

Portable speakers with a soundboard and microphones will open up a myriad of possibilities for performances and programs all over our campus.

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Glockenspiels for Lower School Music

Our Lower School musicians, including our Orff Ensemble, use glockenspiels to learn basic music theory and practice rhythm.

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